Soft Silk Modal Scarves

Here are Soft Silk Modal Scarves with high quality and attractive style,competitive price.

Product Details
NameSoft Silk Modal ScarvesPattern TypeYard DyedMaintenanceHand wash
Material50% silk 50% modalEdgeHand rollingOccasionsAnywhere
Size190 x 80cmSize/ColorCustomizedWeight70g

1, Modal has the softness, silky luster, and smoothness of cotton.
2, Its water absorption and release of water molecules are 50% faster than general cotton, and its breathability is better than cotton.
3, Compared with cotton fiber, Modal fiber feels smooth, delicate, and drape
4, Modal has a higher dyeing rate. Fabric color is a bright, full, and clear print separation.
5,Email APP number:+86 15211338020

1. The fabric has good color and feels very soft, and has excellent stability and durability.
2. Both stock and soft silk modal scarves are available, modal scarves have stock with cheap price.
3. Modal is a kind of fabric extracted from plants. Its fibers are made of beech pulp. Most of the fabrics are made of original ecological natural materials, which do not harm human health.
4. More than 1,000,000 Scarves exported to about 300 customers from 15 countries.

Compared with cotton fiber, the Modal fiber scarf has good morphology and dimensional stability, which makes the fabric have natural anti-wrinkle and iron-free properties, making it more convenient and natural to wear. Modal fiber has better dyeing performance and remains bright as new after multiple items of washing. It has good moisture absorption and good colorfastness. Compared with pure cotton, it is more comfortable to wear. Therefore, the fabric is bright in color and stable in wearability. After 25 times of washing with cotton fabric, the hand feels harder and harder. Modal fiber fabric is just the opposite, the softer and the brighter the more you wash.

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