Soft Polyester Organza Scarves

Product Details
Item TypeScarves
Pattern TypeNewest Printed,Plain Dyed...
EdgeMachine hemming or hand rolling
Fabric100%Polyester Organza
SeasonFour seasons available
Washing&MaintenanceHand wash,air dry
Cooperation ModeRetail,Wholesale...
Payment30% Deposit,Balance before Shipment

Features1.Mulberry Silk, Eco-friendly,fashion design,environmental production techniques.
2.The organza is smooth and transparent. After dyed colorful, light weight, and is similar to real silk products, organza is very hard, as a kind of chemical fiber materials, fabric, used to make wedding dress not just, also can be used for making curtains, dress, Christmas tree ornaments, all kinds of jewelry bag, also can be used to do a ribbon.
3.The organza is a kind of woolen yarn,which is made of nylon or polyester fiber,which is made by adding elastic and false twist.It is also called green yarn.
4.It is not suitable to immerse the organza in cold water for a long time, generally for 5 to 10 minutes. It is best to choose neutral washing powder, not machine wash, hand wash also should gently rub, in case the fiber is damaged.2. Acidproof alkali not organza fabrics, to keep the colour and lustre bright-coloured, can a few drops of acetic acid in the water when washing, then put the clothes in the water soak 10 minutes, then pick it up to dry, so that you can keep your clothes color.3. It is better to dry with water, ice and dry, and to dry the clothes in return, not to be exposed in the sun, so as to prevent the strength and color fastness of the fibers.4. The organza products should not be sprayed with perfume, freshener, deodorant, etc., and do not use camphor balls after storage, because the organza products will absorb odors or cause discoloration.5. In the closet, it is better to hang up the clothes hangers, the hanger should not use metal, to prevent rust pollution. If it needs to be folded, it should also be placed on the top layer, so as to avoid the long-term storage causing the pressure deformation and wrinkling.
5.Our products have ISO2008, SGS, CQC certifications.
6. Our own factory, exclusive shop, website, b2b team, b2c team, QC team, design team.
7. Our foreign trade dep. 7*24 hours at your service, promise to reply in 8   hours.
8. English communication via email, phone, online chatting.
9. Supply DHL / UPS /FEDEX /TNT /EMS, 70% Discount with DHL and 65% Discount with FEDEX.
10. More than 1,000,000 scarves exported to about 300 customers from 15 countries.
11.100% Quality Guarantee, Refund and Return policy.

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