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What's the name of the beautiful silk nightdress in the movie?

The famous "little black dress" is about to turn 90.This long to the knee,simple and gorgeous dress,appearedby modern woman's love,it can be high to low,can wear into the workplace can also wear into the melody,and who is not ugly,so for decades enjoyed "joker easy to wear, never miss"  reputation. 


According to fashion rules,it has always been considered a must-have item in a woman's wardrobe,and even the fashion writer claims that "a woman without a little black dress has no future."

In fact, in the field of underwear, there is also a single item that is as important as little black dress,which is called "slip". 

Yes, that's the kind of beautiful silk sling you see in movies.

LBD in the lingerie world.silk underwear.jpgClassic black slip details.

Slip,literally,is a petticoat,which literally means a dress worn under a dress, usually connected to the body.However, in modern lingerie,Slip is more than just a petticoat.

Like little black dress,it also had hall into the bridal chamber,can be vulgar,and need to be practical,the most practical need sexy and the best of temptation capabilities,and can give oneself also is more suitable for wearing to TA.

Small petticoat.jpg

Out of the hall came the little petticoat with the bridal chamber.

There is no such little petticoat in the closet,and women may not have the future, even now.

Many people may know that the concept of "petticoat" is ancient,traditionally made of linen and worn between body and coat.Before bra and stretch  underwear,it is the closest thing to the body,the main function is to absorb sweat, and to prevent skin from rubbing directly against the coat.

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The traditional petticoat of Anna karenina.

In the modern sense of petticoat,appeared in the early 20 s,30 s,chanel almost both feet,the little black dress history origin with little black dress,nothing more than are women clothing revolution brought by the change of the social role of the results.

Compared with the traditional petticoat, it has three iconic subversive features:

1. Silk production;

2. Bias cutting;

3. narrow straps.

traditional petticoat.jpg

Slip in this period

Start with fabric and tailoring:

To understand this petticoat,we need to start with the silk fabric.

In the west of the 20th century,silk was always expensive,a fabric that only a few aristocrats could enjoy,and rarely entered the mass market.That didn't change until the 1920s.

Compared with hemp,silk's biggest advantage is the color is rich,can dye such as peach,sky blue,apricot yellow,light pink and so on many bright and warm color. Second,it is tightly woven,with a drape of several times higher than white hemp, and thus stimulates the revolutionary new technology that has been recorded in the history of clothing.

Bias cut is called bias cut,which means that the fabric is rotated at a 45 degree Angle,and the vertical line is exactly where the longitude and latitude are crossed.

traditional underwear.jpg

The shape of the dress can be very simple,usually without pinching or any dart (read as sang,or dart, which is the part of the garment that is sewn on the piece of clothing according to the needs of the shape curve).It's called a tuck. You can magically tie the body together,projecting the natural curve from the chest to the waist to the hip,while making the body extremely slender.


Anyone can wear a long skirt,and immediately have a "goddess" elegant demeanour.


The goddess Carole Lombard was dressed in a slanted dress.

The slanting technique was first used in the evening dress and soon entered the underwear field.Because the traditional fluffy wide dress is not suitable for more and more women to participate in social activities,relatively fit modern dress instead,underwear must react accordingly at this moment,so the silk to cut petticoat this for.

Such petticoats,in the form of silk and slanting,are new in both form and function.

First,it can vary the length and the body;Because of the bias,the skirt is enlarged,no matter how long the skirt is, the woman can stride.

Silk also has a very good sense of isolation,and it is not easy to create static electricity with the outer garment of any material.Therefore,it is always possible to keep the outer dress in a smooth and falling state.

underskirt AD.jpg

A 1950s underskirt AD.

Hollywood actresses are indispensable.

The new petticoat was both beautiful and convenient, and the woman found it too bad to hide under her coat,so she returned home and began to wear it at home.

So,the petticoat quickly became the night underwear that haunts the bedroom,as well as pajamas or household clothes;Although still called slip,it is more like a nap skirt,and the pattern is not limited to bias.

beautiful petticoat.jpg

Hollywood has always played an extremely important role in the history of underwear,and several kinds of underwear have become fashionable with the help of movies.The same is true of petticoats,often worn by film stars.

One of the most famous scene,is in 1958,Elizabeth Taylor in MGM "cat on a hot tin roof",wear out with an ivory silk nude lace petticoat and knee.This petticoat is so classic that when it comes to slip,people think of it.

beautiful petticoats.jpg

This scene is also considered by me to be the last beautiful appearance in the peak of slip.The beauty lies in the fact that the tailoring and color of the clothes are amazing,but also because of the emotional expression of the heroine in that oppressive atmosphere.The camera is slowly coming back from the outside,into the bedroom,off the coat,a little bit of this beautiful petticoat,and then the cup against the doorframe.beautiful underwear.jpg

Her eyes,though she had said a lot of twists and turns,seemed to tell her more about the petticoat: she was trying to regain the love of men.

However,the slanting petticoat was popular for a while,and was gradually abandoned by women in the 1960s and 1970s.The reason for being given up can be simply a reversal of the fortunes of the world: the lingerie industry has a very brief wind,the underpants and bras are used less and less,and the coverage of the female body is getting lower and lower.The slip,which used to simplify the role of women's pajamas,has become less fashionable and overcovered.

However,when something becomes a non-fashion item,it immediately has a nostalgic meaning and an anti-traditional avantgarde.The women who know the way to fashion have started to notice the elegance of old-fashioned slanting petticoats and then pay big bucks to buy them.

beautiful underwears.jpg

Slip girls

Perhaps because it is expensive to find out,hidden private bedroom is not suitable,brave female stars are so that the vintage petticoat is more and more as a garment to wear out.They wore it to parties,awards,social occasions,and even weddings.

Many top designers are more inspired by vintage petticoats and copy them into their couture collections.

nice petticoat.jpg

The petticoat on the runway

Female star,the most representative wears outside underwear like antique petticoat is Courtney Love,through the period before and after the new century many of her photos,you almost have to exclamation sentence "this underwear control probably has reached the degree of pathological" to relief.

pretty petticoat.jpg

Lingerie geek Courtney Love

The new film also created a new generation of sexy goddesses with slanted petticoats.In 2002,for example,Diane Lane (Diane Lane) in the movie "infidelity" (Unfaithful),when the young man with an affair,wear such a classic black fine with oblique cutting is the most common slip.

pretty underwear.jpgpretty underwear.jpg

Diane lane in Unfaithful.

In 2006,Hollywood remake of the old king,the actress Naomi Watts (Naomi Watts) in the movie also wearing several classical oblique cutting type slip, white,nude,pink meat,some with lace decoration,some not -- with or without,her good figure is that style of dress to take in everything in a glance.

underwear nice.jpg

Orts in king kong

In addition to soft light,these petticoats are the softest and even the only softness in the dark and cold world.Before the film,miss watts was just a literary goddess, and after the film,she finally became a modern,sexy and classical beauty marketer. petticoats nice.jpgTotally unexposed, but sexy.

Why is slip sexy? It's a very subtle thing.

When modern women underwear is more and more simplified,only the most key part of your chest and hip cover,slip still retains the cover the tradition of female body,still can fully show female body curves.This is probably its most unique charm.

It's not as flamboyant as a bra,even if the temptation is subtle.Not a lot of exposure,but one side slit is enough to reveal a little thigh;Always on the bosom the lace that adorns,if concealed the skin that shows a piece of white;If lace is decorated whole body,it is another amorous feelings.

very pretty underwear.jpg

The most fascinating, perhaps, is that a slanted nightdress hangs on the shoulder with only two straps, which can slip away from the shoulder and reveal the beauty of a woman's ketone. What could be more tantalizing than this straightforward flirtation?

Today,slanted pajamas are back in the usual style of pajamas,and the fabric is not just silk,but all kinds of knitted cotton,which is as smooth and soft as silk. Organic cotton,in particular,is not only cheaper than silk,but alsomore comfortableand intimate than silk.beautiful and nice petticoat.jpg

But you still need a silk - there is a very important reason is that if one doesn't bring petticoat blended fabrics knitted dress,silk petticoat can effectively solve the problem of annoying electrostatic,separated from the dress and the direct contact of the body,prevent skirt adhesion,ensure that hang down feeling.

Another reason is that slip can be used for multiple purposes.Just now,the actresses have demonstrated the practicality of wearing underwear outside of their underwear -- and,of course,not to try.In addition,it is cool and convenient to wear a small petticoat when you are wearing anything at home in the summer.If an outsider knocks on the door (such as a Courier),it is enough to put on a robe.

nice and beautiful petticoat.jpgnice and beautiful petticoat.jpg

wore slip to watch the ball

Therefore,slip is still a type of night underwear that every woman can

 and should have.With it,you have not only the night,but also the day,

and more importantly, the present.