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1、QC team tests the raw material;

2、QC team tests the fiber,strength,flexibility,thickness;

3、QC team tests the dyestuffs;

4、QC team checks the humming and makes sure every SCARF flows customer request.

We also provide scarf design services if you need assistance with your custom scarf project. You will work directly with our design team to finalize your scarf.We craft our scarves with hand-rolled or machine rolled hems depending on your preference. A hand-rolled hem is a rolled and hand sewn stitch by stitch – which is the most traditional and formal scarf finish. A machine hem is less expensive than a hand rolled hem, but a scarf collector will expect to see a hand-rolled edge as a mark of quality.

We provide a custom woven logo label and a custom printed hang tag made to order for your scarves. We can also provide custom retail packaging for your scarves made to order.

Fill out the form below or refer to our contact information on the right side of the page to get in touch with us! Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have regarding custom scarves.