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                              PRODUCTION PROCESS

Step one:Fabric Purchase               

We have a professional person to source the best quality raw material;

Step two:Coating

Every fabric will be coated before printing to ensure the color attachment;

Step three:Color Toning

Before printing,our toning agents will adjust and make several swatches to make sure the come out color is exactly what you want;

Step four:Printing

High speed printers + imported environmental ink,all controlled by computer,printing is always our biggest strength;

Step five:Steaming

After printing,the fabric will be steamed,the come out color will be more vivid;

Step six:Washing

Last step of fabric printing is washing,it will help washing out the residual ink on the fabric,meanwhile,the color fastness is better;

Step seven:Half Checking

We will check every meter of fabric after finish printing;

Step eight:Cutting

We use heated iron wire to cut the scarf,it’s a quick but accurate way to cut;

Step nine:Hemming

The hem will be finished by hand roll,and our craftsmen have years of experience on hemming.You can also choose machine stitch;

Step ten:Ironing

After hemming,all scarves will be ironed by professional ironing machine,make sure the scarf you receive is flat;

Step eleven:Checking

We will check all the scarf before packing,double check to ensure the defective rate;

Step twelve:Packing

For inner packing,we can accept custom packing;for outer packing,we will pack with a carton,make sure the scarf you receive is complete.

the process of scarves