Printed Wool Silk Scarves

Product Details

SeasonAutumn, Winter
Material100% wool
KeywordsFashion Silk Scarf
Custom serviceNo
Applicationfashion wearing
Packing size28*37*5
Gross weight100g

Features1. Wool is an important raw material in textile industry. It has many excellent characteristics, such as good elasticity, strong hygroscopicity, good warmth retention, non-contamination and soft luster. 
2. The product has good durability, easy to fade and wash.
3.Please note the following items for washing wool and silk fabrics:
       1. Before washing, check the label of the clothes to determine whether they can be washed;
       2, it is recommended to use water is about 30 ℃ to join hand washing laundry detergent or silk net for washing, because of hot water to make fabric shrinkage deformation;
       3. Do not contact with the quilt for a long time, do not wash the washing liquid or silk wool with another detergent.
       4. Do not knead vigorously when washing, and do not wring. Just squeeze the water with your hand and drain it. When using the washing machine, please choose "soft" or wool fabric to wash gently;
       5. Dry in a cool and ventilated place, do not expose under strong sunlight to prevent the fabric from losing its luster and elasticity.
       In addition, the silk fabric is easy to fade, and the following points should be paid attention to when cleaning.
       1. Wash separately and avoid dyeing other clothes;
       2. Wash the backside when cleaning, do not soak or scrub vigorously;
       3. Do not use high-temperature water cleaning;
       4. Do not float chlorine;
       5. Use neutral detergent.
4. Our products have ISO2008, SGS, CQC certifications.
5. Our own factory, exclusive shop, website, b2b team, b2c team, QC team, design team.
6. Our foreign trade dep. 7*24 hours at your service, promise to reply in 8   hours.
7. English communication via email, phone, online chatting.
8. Supply DHL / UPS /FEDEX /TNT /EMS, 70% Discount with DHL and 65% Discount with FEDEX.
9. More than 1,000,000 scarves exported to about 300 customers from 15 countries.
10.100% Quality Guarantee, Refund and Return policy.

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