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World Cup Quarter-finals: Brazil, France And France Face Off Against Strong Rivals England

Jul 04, 2018


The final match between England and Colombia is over. All eight of Russia's World Cup finalists have emerged. The four teams in the upper half are Uruguay, France, Brazil and Belgium; The four teams in the second half were Russia, Croatia, Sweden and England.

In the upper half, France advanced to the last eight with a 4-3 win over Argentina, while Uruguay eliminated Portugal 2-1. Brazil easily beat Mexico 2-0. Belgium killed Japan 3-2. In that case, the quarter-final match in the upper division will be France versus Uruguay. Brazil versus Belgium.

In the second half, Croatia eliminated Denmark on penalties, Russia eliminated Spain on penalties, Sweden beat Switzerland 1-0 and England beat Colombia on penalties. In this way, Croatia will face host Russia in the second quarter final and Sweden will face England.

In terms of the match situation, the upper half is obviously more tragic. All four teams are strong, Uruguay have conceded only one goal in four games, and they will face France in a clash of swords and shields. Brazil will also face its strongest rival since the start of the World Cup, Belgium. The European red devils have scored 11 goals in four games, striking a stunning blow.

Relatively speaking, the lower half will be weaker. Spain came home early, and apart from England being a traditional powerhouse, all three of the remaining teams could be called the black horses of the World Cup. England is expected to break out of the lower half.

The first match of the quarter-finals will be between France and Uruguay at 22 o 'clock Beijing time on July 6.

Specific match of the top 8 of the World Cup (Beijing time) :

Uruguay vs France at 22:00 on 6 July

July 7th 02:00 Brazil vs Belgium

Sweden vs England at 22:00 on July 7th

July 8, 2000 Russia vs Croatia