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Women's Spring Fashion Silk Scarves

Dec 28, 2018

Women's spring fashion silk scarves

Scarves are familiar accessories that are more elegant, lighter and more radiant than regular scarves, and are more plentiful and easy to shape. If the warm scarf is a must-have accessory for the winter, then the spring day must be the home of the silk scarf, not only can help you to resist the coolness of the season, but also help you to show your graceful posture and temperament upgrade. As the temperature rises, the silk scarf also plays an elegant magic, turning into a fashion item for women in spring.

"When it comes to clothing accessories, silk scarves must be a must in the wardrobe. Like everyone's white shirt, as long as you add a silk scarf as an embellishment, you can immediately break the monotony and make your style more refined. Ms. Wang, who likes to wear silk scarves to match clothes, says that any season's silk scarves are an essential accessory. It can make any ordinary coat bright and vibrant, and can also choose and match silk. Try different fun when you wear a towel. “Spring is brightly colored, so start with silk scarves and add a touch of beauty to spring.”

Silk scarves not only pay attention to matching, but also pay attention to the coordination between colors. “Choose the color of the silk scarf according to the skin color. When choosing the color of the silk scarf, you should consider whether these colors can match your skin color.” Consumers say that the color of the silk scarf that can match clothes and skin color is not so Easy, but there are some tips. “If your skin color is white, pink, dark pink, light lemon, purple and lavender are very good choices. If you have ivory skin, there are many choices, from shallow to deep, from Ivory, peach, coral, golden, light brown to water green, bright blue and then red, all are possible. If your skin is dark or slightly dark, you can choose some rich and earthy colors, such as Orange, gold, dark brown, beige, olive, or a rich, warm gray."

Recently, Jerry saw in the store selling silk scarves in Raocheng, the salesperson was giving a demonstration to the guests. How to use silk scarves to be both beautiful and sun-protected, attracted many customers to watch. At first glance, the silk scarf is nothing special, the color is gorgeous, just light and elegant. But a closer look reveals that there are two more holes in the rectangular scarf. According to the salesperson, this is a multi-functional silk scarf that can be used for sun protection, shawl, slings, shorts, and headscarves and swimwear aprons. These two holes are convenient for these functions.

It is understood that the price of silk scarves is not expensive, tens of dollars to hundreds of yuan, and two discounts when buying activities. A middle-aged lady said: "The silk scarf is really practical. It was very convenient to buy a trip last time. It is both sunscreen and beautiful. This is not, and I ran to buy a few to go back and send friends."

The slightest cold of spring brings down the rain all the way, but with silk scarves, you can spend the romantic and relaxing springs.

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