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Why The Flight Attendant Wear A Silk Scarf On Her Neck

Jun 24, 2019

Many girls dream of being a flight attendant from a younge age. They can fly every day. From time

to time, they can meet a star to take a photo. It can be said that it is the happiest profession in the world~

Speaking of the flight attendant, I have to say the flight attendant's uniform. Did you find out? Why 

is there a silk scarf on the neck of the flight attendant all year round? Is it to cover anything?


The stewardess said that it is also a service industry, and the service industry is of course put the  etiquette on the first.Imagine if the neck of the large piece of silk scarves is not exposed to shame, 

and it is not at all beautiful. Just like we wear a V-neck dress with a necklace. The silk scarf is designed 

to make the whole match harmonious, and the second is good-looking.


2. Cover the neck color difference

Make-up is a compulsory course for the flight attendant, but the makeup girl knows that even after applying the neck and face, it will be a little bit different. This color difference is nothing to our ordinary people, but it is a big thing for a flight attendant who always demands perfection. Wearing a silk scarf can be very good to avoid the faintness of the color difference.

3. First aid

I remember I watched a movie a long time ago, it was said that a person’s leg was hit with heavy bleeding. The flight attendant used a silk scarf to help him stop bleeding. So in an emergency, the silk scarf can also be bandaged and act as a bandage.