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Who Will Win The World Cup In Russia?

Jun 14, 2018

Who will win the World Cup in Russia? These four teams have become the most popular

At 23 o'clock in Beijing this evening, the opening match of Russia's World Cup in 2018 will begin. The two sides are from Saudi Arabia and the host Russia. For the majority of fans, starting today, will enter the four-year football feast. Of course, the fans are most concerned about, or in the final of July 15th, who can hold the World Cup.

First and foremost, it should be affirmed that due to the gap in strength and heritage, teams from Asia, Africa, and North America and the Caribbean should not be able to come to the end. The previous World Cup championship teams from Europe and South America have already confirmed this. The current World Cup in Russia, Europe and South America will not change the pattern of the championship.

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Germany is winning the crown

Clearly the scope of the championship, the team can be aspirations more clear. Among the European top players, the loudest cry was in Germany, where Lough was in charge. As the defending champion, Lobster’s coach Lev led the team for the third time in a row and was the longest coach of the team in the 32nd. In addition, the main players were well-matched and the backbone strength changed little. Neuer, Özil, Boateng and others were all on the list. The German vehicle was still full of horsepower. All of these are important chips for German defending.

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Spain is also popular

In addition to Germany, Spain, who has just changed hands, is also regarded as a champion tiger. From the perspective of strength, despite the fact that Cassie, who has created a splendid Spanish football team, has faded out, coach Lopeete Kat was fired and Jeremy hastily took over, but don't forget that the dead camel is better than Martha and owns Iniesta. , Costa, Degea's Spain is full of tenacity and dexterity, and any team in this World Cup encounters a matador.

After the Desi two teams, C Luo led the Portuguese, emerged Zidane and other famous French, as well as England who had been out of Beckham, feeling that they did not board the hard power of the championship. As for other European teams, I am afraid that they will not have too many ideas on the championship. How far you can go is the most realistic choice.

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Brazil is favored by many people

Analyzed the European allies and then looked at South American teams. Truth be said, even if Uruguay, led by Suarez, does not have the power to laugh. With the ability to clamour with Germany and Spain, only veteran power Brazil and Argentina. Brazil, with Neymar Federer flag, needs to learn the lessons of the 7-1 World War II suffered by Germany at the front door of the World Cup. It avoids the state’s premature fever and step by step. As long as normal play, the squadron with the best player in the world wins as much as Germany.

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Rgentina can not be underestimated

Although Messi led Argentina, although the qualifiers have emerged, they are just another example of the team's ability to fight hard and keep the details behind. In addition, this World Cup is likely to be the last of Messi’s career. If you don't want to leave Messi who is sorry, dreaming to win your first world championship will definitely take 12 points. Therefore, once Pampas eagles fly, its strength must not be underestimated.

In sum, the top spot in the World Cup in Russia is Germany, Brazil, Spain and Argentina. Not surprisingly, the championship will emerge from these four teams. Is this the case? Wait and see!

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