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What Are The Basic Scarves For Girls

Dec 26, 2018

1. Square scarf

Beauty Index: 8

Occasions: daily life/party/work

Small scarf around the neck once exposed, the visual center immediately moved up to it. A vibrant 19''x19'' square scarf can bright your whole day up, and give you a top-grade taste to your outfits.


Also a good way to tie it on head.


2. Silk scarf

Beauty index: 10

Occasions: daily life/work/party/ceremony/club/meeting...

Since it is called silk scarf, please pay attention to its material. Silk is more reliable, isn't it? Hanging a silk scarf around the neck, always can leave different elegant demeanour.


Don't want to see the neighbor's accost? Just put the scarf over your head, then no one will pull it away talk to you;

Cover your face when you are sleeping and drooling. Otherwise, it would be so disgrace.

When the wind blows, please tie a scarf on your head. It is full of the beauty of Arabian style. If you can't find a seat, please put it on a stone. It will never be cold in winter.


3. Cashmere scarf

Beauty index: 8

Occasions: life

Cashmere is especially good at keeping warm. It belongs to the rare special animal fiber. Its fiber is hollow, which can store heat and air. And it can effectively resist the cold wind with solid material. What’s more, it can also absorb moisture under the condition of variable external temperature and has good sweat absorption effect. Compared with wool, cashmere is more skin-friendly, smooth and soft.


Just because it's cold, you shall to get one cashmere scarf. In fact, it is quite beautiful, but we should refuse to be bloated.

4. Sport scarf

Beauty index: 6

Occasions: club/sport matches/ life

The sport scarf is a symbol of a team. When watching the game, please wave it, or, please raise your head so that I can see your enthusiasm.

Ian Holmes, a fan of football scarves in Britain, has spent 40 years and billions of dollars scouring the country to collect about 700 scarves.


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