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Tying Tips For Square Scarf

Jan 15, 2019

Because of its large size, the square scarf may look very matronly if you used wrong tying method. Here I would share a simple tip for you to get 3 styles right away.

Fold the square in half into a triangle, place the triangle on your chest, and cross the scarf at both ends of your neck;

a. Drop both ends of the scarf to the chest naturally. Tidy it up and the first shape will come out;

b. Tie the ends of the scarf around your chest in a knot;

c. Tie the knot behind the scarf and hide it. It looks simple and fresh without the usual draping effect of square scarf

There is also a very common way, and the above is almost the same, the main difference is the scarf folded in half into a triangle, twisted into a rope and then tied.