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Tips Of Wool Scarves For Men

Jan 15, 2019

The first is simply to hang the scarf around your neck and let it fall off. It's especially good for a formal suit or coat.




When you wear a dark suit, you usually wear a bright silk scarf tucked into the suit to look rich. Don't stuff a woolen or cotton scarf like this, as it's too thick and will ruin the shape of the suit.

A scarf made of wool or cashmere can be hung inside or outside the collar. Jacket, too, of course. Overall, this is not very warm, but pretend bility is high.


Loosely tie the scarf around the neck, hanging in the chest of the two pendulum. 


In winter, it is a very practical way to wear a coat with a knitted wool scarf. If you wrap it around, the bottom of the scarf should be between the chest and the waist.

Wear a down jacket with a soft knit scarf. There is no need for complicated wearing method, as long as it is tied at both sides in a circle and placed in the center. If you wrap the ends of the scarf around your head, it will make your head swell up. Knit scarves to avoid loose, thick needles.