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These Scarves Are As Eye-catching As Those Brand Scarves

Dec 26, 2018

When many people mentioned scarves, they would first thought of Burerry, hermes, LV and other big brands. In addition to these generic brand scarves, there exists many beautiful scarves that can decorate your winter with low price.

Pure color cashmere scarf

cashmere camel3
cashmere green 1
cashmere 9

Made of raw wool and high quality natual plants dye process, combination of traditional Japanese contracted element and modern technology and precision technology, creating the double-side shawl, woven shawl and many other styles, can meet the needs of different consumers.

Take a contracted line, basically use the goat of northern China and Mongolia, simple sense and very soft, which is the reason why a lot of consumer will put one more orders.

Texture slant is thin, but good warmth and comfort with a variety of design such as pure color, classic case grain, both man and women can handle it.

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