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The Same Is The Scarf, Why Does Aurora Dare To Say That It Is Comparable To Hermes?

Oct 11, 2019

When people lift the scarves, the first thing that comes to mind is HERMES Hermes. The twill weave and the uniquely treated surface make the Hermes silk scarf strong and not easy to pleat, which makes the scarf more varied. It is sought after by women, and it is a single item that fashion women dream of. As the world's top luxury items, Hermes scarf is a 90*90CM square towel with a price ranging from 3,000 to 4,000 yuan, which makes many female friends who like silk scarves daunt. If there is a silk scarf, it is comparable in quality and craftsmanship to Hermès, and the price is only 1/3 of Hermès. What is your choice?

How did the American President’s personal letter, the 70-nation ambassador’s platform, and the Aurora scarf of Amami Hermes be favored by Chinese and foreign artists and global political and business elites? Let us explore the Aurora silk scarf production site.

First, the careful selection of raw materials

The silk of the Aurora silk scarf is made of pure natural silk, and the silk of 8 silkworm cocoons can form a silk thread that can be applied to silk scarves (only 5-6 ordinary silk scarves). A 90*90CM Aurora large square towel requires more than 200 silkworm cocoons. The ingredients of each Aurora silk scarf are guaranteed to be skin-friendly and soft 100% mulberry silk.

Second, the exquisite Taiwan printing process

Different from the general digital printing of the silk scarf, the Aurora silk scarf adopts the same difficult printing process as Hermès. Taiwanese printing is a traditional printing process, also known as screen printing. As the name suggests, the main body of the printing is the screen. The ink passes through the extremely fine screen printing plate and is embossed onto the substrate, making the pattern of the scarf more delicate, three-dimensional, full and realistic.

The first step in the Taiwanese version is color separation. First, the design draft is color-divided to make a film, and each color corresponds to a set of films. Compared to the 6-8 colors of the general silk scarf, the color of the Aurora silk scarf is as high as 15-20, and the film required for a silk scarf is as many as 15-20 sets.

The second step is plate making. Aurora uses an imported screen and the screen is very delicate. The photosensitive material is applied to the screen before printing to form a photosensitive film. The film and the screen are placed on the printing machine, exposed, developed and dried. The portion of the screen that does not need to pass the ink is formed by the light to form a cured plate film, and the mesh is sealed, and the ink is not transparent when printed; the mesh of the portion to be inked on the screen is not closed. An Aurora scarf has as many as 15-20 colors, so there are as many as 15-20 screens required.

The third step is printing and dyeing. When printing, the dye penetrates into the silk scarf under the screen through a fine screen. The color is from shallow to deep and covered by layers. The silk scarves on the market are generally white on the reverse side, and the Aurora silk scarves break through the technical difficulties and solve the whitening problem significantly. The color of the front and back of the Aurora scarf is very close, and the color is saturated, which greatly enhances the wearing aesthetics.

Compared with digital printing, the printing of silk scarves under the Taiwan printing process takes a long time and is difficult, but the Taiwan printing is the high-quality craftsmanship that can best represent the aesthetics of silk scarves. And the lines are clearly defined. Therefore, each of Aurora's silk scarves adheres to the same plate printing process as Hermès. Although the process is long and complicated, it is the original heart that Aurora always insists on to present the silk scarf artwork to the customer perfectly.

Third, imported dyes

Aurora silk scarves are all imported dyes, soft and skin-friendly, no softener, environmentally friendly and safe.

Fourth, fixing color

Do you think that the silk scarves are printed and dyed? You need to "fix the color" after printing and dyeing - this step is to fix the color of the silk scarves, to ensure a firm coloring, so that the silk scarves will not fade easily when used and washed. The fixing process is also very time consuming and can be finalized after a series of steps. Before the silk scarf is washed, the difference in internal work can not be judged by the surface of the product alone, but it is actually related to whether it is harmful to the human body or even carcinogenic. The Aurora Scarf is a good silk scarf that can stand the test.

Five, manual fine needle reverse crimping

In addition to the complex Taiwanese printing, the hand-tight needle rewinding is also a difficult process in the manufacturing process of the silk scarf, which is an important symbol to reflect whether the silk scarf is high-grade. In order to present a perfect curl, Aurora invites Suzhou's top embroidered mothers who have been embroidered for more than 10 years. Silk scarves in the hands of experienced embroidered mothers, it takes at least 40 minutes to complete the curling of a silk scarf. The stitches are densely curled, allowing the wearer to feel the gentleness and care of the craftsman.

Aurora takes every man's spirit and uses the best raw materials, the best technology and the finest craftsmanship to make every silk scarf art. For this reason, the US President, the 70-nation ambassador to China, Chinese and foreign artists, and the global political and business elite will be praised by the platform.

The relationship between Aurora and President Carter dates back to a few years ago when Aurora Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chinese traditional craftsman Deng Tao and the 39th President of the United States Jimmy Carter won the "US-China Outstanding Contribution Award". This fate continues this year – Mr. Deng Tao went to the United States again and received the personal reception from President Carter and presented him with the “Golden Cup” and silk art produced by Aurora. After Mr. Deng Tao returned to China, he received a personal letter from President Carter. In the letter, President Carter and his wife highly praised the silk and ceramics produced by Aurora and expressed their gratitude to Mr. Deng Tao.

Up to now, 70 ambassadors to China have held a photo platform for Aurora silk products. With the participation of more and more ambassadors in China, this seems to have become a fashion. During the visit of the Chairman of the Aurora in the United States in June this year, he brought the auspicious brand of the Chinese style "Shuanglong Opera Bead" silk scarf with the auspicious meaning to the American political and business elite, including the vice president of the New York Stock Exchange and the American Securities Association. The US political and business elite, including the vice chairman and the senior project manager of the World Bank, welcomed it.