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The Most Wealthy Fans Of The World Cup Appeared In The Semi-finals!

Jul 13, 2018

  The most wealthy fans of the World Cup appeared in the semi-finals! 

Russia's World Cup ended the first semi-final contest, the French team defeated the Belgian team with 1-0 to reach the final, only one game away from the championship, two Chinese business giants Ma Yun and Zhang Jindong watched the scene and became the highest vaule fans in the World Cup.


In this semi-final, France intends to recycle the ball to take the initiative, resist  Belgium's multiple attacks with his  more solid defense ,   and finally Tie  the victory  with  the header of Barcelona, the French  team  reached the final  with 1-0 victory  Belgian team , This  is the second time they entered the finals after 12 years in 2006 to compete for the championship. The match between France and Belgium is worth a big battle. The two teams' total worth is 1.838 billion euros (about 14.27 billion yuan), and the stadium is the most expensive fan: Ma Yun.

world cup 2018 fifa.jpg

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China’s two billionaire Ma Yun and Zhang Jindong watched the semi-final at the scene. Ma Yun was very excited to show Zhang Jindong with fans’ scarves. The fans were also excited to take photos with them togther. According to the 2018 rich list released by Forbes, Ma Yun and Zhang Jindong have a total worth of 300 billion, which is the highest-vaule fan of the World Cup. Both of them are also closely related to football. Ma Yun invested in the Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao team. He also had a lot of live observations with Xu Jiayin. Zhang Jindong is the boss of Jiangsu Suning and Serie A giants Inter Milan.

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The two Chinese richest people outside the stadium are eye-catching. Henry, who is both a coach and a fan, is also the focus of media attention. As a French legendary star, Henry is a Belgian assistant. This time against France, Henry is undoubtedly the most entangled one. France's victory in the final may be the best ending for Henry. After all, Henry will not be screamed by the people of the motherland. After the game, Henry also hugged with the French team, the former captain, France now coach Deschamps also beat Henry's shoulders to encourage.

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