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The Meaning Of The Red Ribbon

Mar 29, 2019

An artist involved in the design of the red ribbon said: "We believe that the red ribbon will unite us all together and look for effective measures to prevent the spread of AIDS. It marks our hopes of a better fight against AIDS and cure AIDS. It reminds us that many people Suffering from the AIDS epidemic, many people are working hard to get an early day without AIDS."

AIDS patients, you are not weak

At the 1991 Tony Awards Ceremony, the Red Ribbon was first worn by some famous actors and officially unveiled in public. Once the red ribbon was launched, it caused a warm response from all walks of life and was widely recognized. Since then, it has been worn by many stars at the awards ceremony of the Oscar, Grammy, Amy, and MTV Music Awards, and soon became an international symbol of AIDS.

In January 1996, UNAIDS was established, and she incorporated the red ribbon as an important element in the agency's logo. And the meaning of the red ribbon is summarized into three aspects:

Care and attention

The red ribbon indicates people's concern and concern about AIDS. Especially those who are infected with HIV, AIDS patients, people who have been killed by AIDS, and those who are directly cared for and helped by AIDS.


The red ribbon symbolizes hope. I hope that we can successfully develop vaccines for AIDS prevention and treatment of AIDS at an early date to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV and AIDS.

stand by

The red ribbon expresses support. Support those who are living with HIV and AIDS; support publicity and education campaigns to prevent AIDS; support efforts to study effective vaccines and treatments; and support those who have lost loved ones, loved ones and friends by AIDS.

Since then, the red ribbon has the meaning of life, as a symbol, become a symbol of AIDS prevention and treatment. It symbolizes our concern and support for AIDS patients and infected people, symbolizing our love for life and our desire for equality, symbolizing that we must use the "heart" to participate in the work of preventing AIDS. A fluttering red ribbon connects the love of Wuzhou and Siyang, affecting this beautiful world. Many love organizations, medical institutions, and telephones that care about AIDS have been named after the "red ribbon." The red ribbon has gradually become a global concern for the prevention and treatment of AIDS. The international symbol of understanding and caring for people living with HIV and AIDS has appeared in every corner of the world in people and events that care for and help AIDS patients and infected people. . In China, at every scene of the AIDS prevention and publicity campaign, we can see that the staff who participated in the performance and publicity wore red ribbons on their chests; in China, there are many organizations of AIDS patients and infected people and their families. Named “Red Ribbon”; in China, books on books such as HIV prevention, CDs and other materials have the “red ribbon” logo; in China, many AIDS patients and infected people weave a variety of red ribbons. They use their dexterous hands to call for understanding and care. They use their sincere heart to give us real hope and blessings. The scene of each charity sale "red ribbon" affects the hearts of countless people... "Red Ribbon" As a silent language, it connects us and the hearts of AIDS patients and infected people.