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The Meaning Of Sending A Scarf

May 20, 2019

Generally speaking, sending a scarf between ordinary friends or relatives has no special meaning. It is only in the care and love of friends and relatives, and will give warmth in the cold winter. The meaning of sending a scarf between the opposite sex can be further meaningful.

The meaning of sending a scarf:

1. On behalf of her (he) loves you, represents care

2. Entangling him/her.

3. Give him/her warmth and express your concern;

4. It is a warm, delicate and generous means of showing love;

Sending a scarf means that you want to surround you for a lifetime and give you warmth.

Girls send boys: Representatives like you. I want to give you the best things. Care and considerate.

Boys send girls: The representative wants to give him a warm shoulder. I want to protect her like a scarf.

How to choose a scarf:

Girls send boys:

1、Choose the classic style in the style, choose the corresponding style and fabric scarf according to the style of his usual clothes.

2、Colors, the color of the boys' scarves are generally classic colors, such as black, white, gray, brown, blue, etc. (except for the color that you particularly like).

3 、According to the shape of the body, people with narrow shoulders or shoulders, choose a long scarf, a person with a long neck, you can choose a thick and long scarf.

Boys send girls:

1、According to the dress style of women's life, judge the style that girls like, and choose according to style. For example, girls like European and American styles, and winter coats are too many, so you can choose silk scarves or wool or cashmere scarves. If girls like Japanese and Korean style, then a needle scarf is the best choice.

2、According to the color that girls especially like, or the color that matches her usual clothes, choose a scarf, which requires a little knowledge of color matching.

3 The scarf with special pattern is carefully selected. If you are sure that the girl likes it, it can be a special case.

4、According to the body to choose, the body is short and fat, women with larger bust should use loose-looking knit scarf or silk scarf with simple pattern, deep color and single color, because the dark color makes people narrow the sense of vision and play a converging role. . Thin and thin friends should use a simple, plain and elegant scarf, but the color should be warm.