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The Longest Woven Sweater Needle, The Woven Scarf Can Be Used As A Quilt!

May 23, 2019

Speaking of clothing, sweaters are a popular item, because sweaters can be worn all year round, and there are loopholes in the summer. In winter, people can wear velvet. Then the origin of the sweater is naturally thought of by the machine. It is true that the handmade sweater is rare now, because the busy life has made it impossible for people to knit their own sweaters. But we can always think of when my mother is young, holding two shiny sweater needles in my hand, swinging up and down, a few days of effort, a beautiful sweater is woven!

Today I will introduce you to the world's largest woven sweater needle. The length of a sweater needle is 4.4 meters. This is made by a beautiful British designer. The material of the sweater needle is made of wood. Because the beauty designer is not the designer of the clothing, it is also a whimsy to make such a large sweater needle. So in the face of two such sweater needles, I don’t know how to use them. Anyway, I have already made them. I still have to give it a try. So the beauty designer used very thick wool and used two sweater needles. 


Because the sweater needle is too big and very heavy, it is not very flexible to operate, and can only be woven in the open air, because it is too occupied in the house. Because the sweater needle is too big, it is impossible to use a finger to weave. Only two hands can be used together to weave a needle. Since the wool is also very thick, it is a pile of two needles in front of you. I want to continue. Going down, you can only put the knitted sweater back. Because the wool and sweater needles are very large, the woven scarf looks very awkward.

It is better to say that it is a quilt than a scarf. Because the cover is really warm and soft on the body. If you use such a sweater needle to knit a sweater, then the sweater that is woven can be worn by a few people. It is really fun and windy to think about wearing a sweater together. The world is really nothing strange.