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The Identification Method Of Silk Scarf's Product Number

Apr 20, 2018

The price of silk fabric is about twice times that of chemical fiber and imitation silk satin. Gloss, handle recognition method will be the sample to view the appearance of the pure silk has the performance of absorbing light, looks smooth mirror, gloss elegant soft, pearl light, soft and elegant, silk thread is more dense, with hands will have wrinkles, the higher the purity, the greater the density of the silk feel better; simulation silk fabric, although through the removal of solid treatment, feel softer, But the silk surface hair dark, no pearl luster, chemical fiber fabric luster bright, dazzling, feel more stiff.

In addition, silk products should be slightly scraping the feeling of the hands, will be two layers of fabric friction, will produce "silk-ming" sound, and other raw materials of the fabric did not.

90-cm-90-cm-air-hostess-head scarves.jpg