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The Distinguishing Of Cashmere Scarf

Apr 20, 2018

Feel Visual It is the most direct and easy way for consumers to distinguish the quality of cashmere scarf.

The main visual inspection is to see whether the knitted sweater is flat, the surface is even soft, whether the workmanship is meticulous, the handle is through the mold, pinch, grasping and other movements to distinguish cashmere scarf surface smoothness, softness, fullness, elasticity, etc., such as woolen sweater yarn unevenness, rough workmanship, feel menisci sclerosis denaturalization inelastic, matte surface, you can doubt the authenticity of its quality.

Fine distinction According to the label to confirm the authenticity of cashmere scarves and whether they need to check the compliance of the label content to further identify the quality of the scarf. For example, the actual size is the same as the label, the fiber composition and the label is consistent. It is very difficult for ordinary consumers to identify the fiber composition, but it can avoid the obvious discrepancy as long as the basic method is mastered. First of all, a little fiber burns, such as the smell of burning hair and Ashes crispy can be crushed, can be identified as animal hair, as to what kind of hair, and the identity is consistent, can be referred to the various types of sweaters described in the characteristics of the identification, if there is a problem can not be confirmed, can only be sent to professional inspection agencies to identify. Special attention should be paid to several cases of shoddy, one is to blend filled with pure wool, the second is to fine wool or to flake wool-filled cashmere, the third is to nylon-filled mohair, four is to go to scale coarse wool stuffed alpaca and so on.

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