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Stylish Item-- Silk Scarf

May 24, 2019

Silk scarves are a very fashionable item, and a simple single strip can give you a lot of extra wear. But many people only know to follow others, but they don't know how to match them. The expensive silk scarves have not been used for a few times, so today, we will come to the science and technology to match the various methods of silk scarves, do not hurry to learn?



As a headgear, you must remember to make a very delicate makeup, otherwise it looks awkward and uncomfortable. Can be used as a hair band, hair ring. The black-haired girl is the best fit, adding some color to her head. However, it is as simple as possible in the choice of clothing, otherwise it looks like a bells and whistles, no beauty. If you are ingenious and just have long hair, you can also try to put the silk scarf in the long hair. It is a qualitative leap and it looks really good.


2. Neck

Attaching the silk scarf to the neck should be the most common usage of the silk scarf. The second thing that the lady said is the role of the silk scarf. Although this method is the most conventional, it is also the most diverse, and must be a messy feeling, otherwise the system is a professional woman.


This method is suitable for wearing low-cut and collarless clothes, and looks like a long neck. If you have a proud swan neck, you must try this method and create a new height! If you wear a silk scarf, try to reduce the accessories on your neck. Otherwise, it looks disorganized and unappealing. The principle of this system is chaotic and orderly, and the breeze blows, and the gently floating corners are not too beautiful. The silk scarf is right, the temperament is doubled instantly, the gas field is enough, the domineering but gentle, and can also give the overall clothing a beautiful embellishment.

3. Waist

This system is a test of the girl's aesthetic ability, and it is a relatively high-end gameplay. Whether it's a skirt or a trousers, it's a super good way to decorate. And the most important thing is that you can grow your legs long!


Originally a very simple shirt with jeans, but with such a scarf around the waist, the feeling is different, very beautiful. Elegant and intellectual, yet lively and playful, it is a wonderful combination. This kind of system and the effect of the belt can significantly lengthen the waistline, and the overall visual effect is very good. At first glance, it is a long leg of one meter eight. It should be noted here that the pants should not be too tight, otherwise it will look a little bit stupid, just choose this loose straight jeans. Silk scarves and pants have the same color. However, the silk scarf has a pattern embellishment, which feels integrated with the pants, but gives a feeling of bright eyes.

4. Wrist

The scarf can still be attached to the wrist, didn't you think of it? This system is relatively unpopular, whether it is a show or a star, have not seen such a match. But we tell you, try it, you will find the new world!


Do you think that the picture is very elegant? In fact, the silk scarf is a very popular way of playing on the hand, it is more suitable for your wear, and it looks fashionable. The example in the picture is the color of the jump. The clothing is dark, but it has chosen a very jumping color. Is this contrasting color collision good? When the breeze blows, the silk scarf dances on your wrist, and it looks like a beautiful landscape in the distance.

5. Bag

This system should be very familiar to everyone, there should be a lot of big-name bags will be equipped with such a scarf, it can be seen that this matching method is also very popular among people.


This system is more diverse, can be wrapped around the bag at will, can also be a good-looking bow, mature and playful, it is no wonder that many big cards use the idea of scarves. It should be noted that if it is not the silk scarf that is matched with your own bag, then you must choose the silk scarf of the same color, otherwise it looks very fancy and not beautiful.

How about, after reading these matches, is there something you want to try? Then hurry up and take your own scarves out and tie them into a street shooter!