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Spring Is Coming,the Right Way To Wear Scarf

Jan 14, 2019

Spring is approaching, we can finally take off the thick jacket!

When we put on a single coat,and beautiful meantime,we must also keep warm~

That's right! It is a warm scarf.

The following Jerry will tell you the color matching skills of various scarves.

Let you easily concave shape, beautiful and not frozen.

NO.1 small fresh

scarf in spring

In a hot movie, Xiongdun’s several scarves were impressive. The red scarf in the poster was very festive, and I felt the enthusiasm in the winter. The warm red and dark blue denim coat with dark plaid is really a match.

NO.2 literary goddess


The shape of the Tang Wei goddess in "Late Autumn" is a common sight,but the temperament is not hidden.The dark print solves the old-fashioned wear,and the temperament camel windbreaker is used for matching.The unilateral method of the scarf is free from the dull feeling.

NO.3 affinity and cute


Simply put, this style is grounded.The pink and white of the girl's heart is simple and generous,and there is a kind of intimacy of a girl next door.It's not surprisingly colorful,it's so cute and cute.

A scarf is like a loyal pet.

Surround you to bring you warm care, soft and intimate!

Choosing a good match will not only be bloated, but will also become your eye-catching tool~

Can be literary and high cold, can be full of sensation!

Are you getting the matching skills of the scarf?