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Specifications Of Cashmere Scarves

Apr 20, 2018

Long x Width + tassel length x 2

Knitted scarf

Knitted scarf

136cm x 30cm + 7.0cm x 2

145cm x 30cm + 7.5cm x 2

150cm x 30cm + 8.0cm x 2

155cm x 30cm + 7.5cm x 2

160cm x 35cm + 8.0cm x 2

170cm x 35cm + 10.0cm x 2

170cm x 40cm + 10.0cm x 2

180cm x 45cm + 10.0cm x 2

190cm x 50cm + 10.0cm x 2 Of course, the specifications of the scarf is not fixed, designers can according to their design needs to adjust the size of the appropriate. Generally speaking, the scarves of Europe and the United States are more large, smaller in Asia. Generally speaking, the width of more than 50 cm is called a shawl (shawl), more than 100 centimeters is called the THROW. Whether it's a cashmere shawl or a cashmere scarf, it's a different size, but the production process is exactly the same as the cashmere scarf.

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