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Small Details Big Stylish

May 10, 2019



Among the many fashionable accessories, the belt is a very good single item, which can easily create a small waist, slimming and enhance the quality of the ocean!

The tough silhouette of the loose jacket, with a belt, outlines the ratio of three to seven, lengthened the figure. With a simple belt, you can make your hair look bright and stylish.


Fine hair accessories

In addition to wearing, hair style is also a plus point. This year's hot pearl issuance, of course, the fairies can't be less! Whether it is a haircut or a hairpin, with the blessing of a pearl hairpin, it is both elegant and sweet, and the girl’s heart is bursting!


Romantic scarf

In spring, silk scarves have become the protagonist of this season, lighting up your fashionable wear in various details.

Simple and ordinary wear, after adding a small square scarf, instantly break the rigid and boring shape, and become more familiar.

The playful short hair, the silk scarf is decorated with a bow, and the age is not sweet, which can enhance the fashion sense.

Attach the silk scarf to the handle of the bag and improve the texture of the bag in minutes.