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Silk Fabric Classification Guide

Mar 27, 2019

Silk, one by one, between square inches, casual and loose. Silk is both an ancient art, extravagant and retro; it is also the darling of fashion, to show the chic silk trend.

When I put on silk, I felt that it was more than just a piece of clothing. I felt that it was a part of me and it was inseparable. Silk has the advantage of natural fiber and is very comfortable. The process of intimate contact between skin and silk is a beautiful journey in itself. Needless to say.

Silk is not like other man-made fibers, it has a synthetic dullness, and it has a bit of tingling, discomfort and even rejection. Silk comes from nature. When you touch your hand and touch the silk, you will feel very soft, especially gentle and not aggressive. As long as you wear silk clothing, you will feel that you have integrated into nature and live with nature.

3 elements of a glamour woman: 1. Face value 2. Connotation 3. Grade

The first two upgrades are a little more difficult, but the third one - taste, just need to find a suitable silk product, it is enough!

“Women without scarves have no future,” Elizabeth Taylor described the importance of silk to women. Buying a favorite silk product requires storing relevant silk knowledge.

Today, I will share with you the common knowledge of silk fabrics, let silk light your youth, and beauty will last forever.

Silk silk satin is a "star" in silk fabric. The glossy satin feels smooth, the tissue is compact, smooth and shiny like a pearl; the matte finish is slightly matte, low-key and warm, very suitable for cheongsam, bright colors!It is easy to wrinkle its luster, noble and very big-name. Susie satin is suitable for dresses, scarves, shirts, etc.

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Silk elastin satin

The elastic satin has a composition of 90%-95% mulberry silk and 5%-10% spandex, which is an interwoven fabric. Compared with plain satin, it has certain elasticity, is not easy to wrinkle, good care, high comfort, relatively small shrinkage rate, can effectively protect color, and to some extent make up for the shortcomings of full silk. The style is unique, the fabric is elastic, the fit to the human body is good, the drape is quite good, and it is suitable for making a cheongsam for a scarf.

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Silk crepe

Double-twisted: The silk surface presents a granulated fold line, also known as sputum. The surface of the fabric is refined to provide subtle wrinkles. The texture is soft, smooth, bright, tough, elastic, and the shrinkage rate is large, about 10%.The matte surface is matte, has even wrinkles, good quality, wide use, and is loved by the market. Suitable for spring and summer women's shirts, skirts, etc.

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Silk chiffon

Silk chiffon, the style is smooth and soft, without bones, light and sturdy, with a strong drape, very close to the body, the surface of the silk surface is slightly convex, and the structure is loose. The fabric made of chiffon fabric is light and transparent, swaying and flowing, and the curve tends to be smart. It is a good dress for women's dresses or hem.

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Silk power spinning

Silk Power Spinning: It is a silk weaving and silk fabric, which is made of plain weave.

Features: The texture is tight and clean, the hand feels soft, the gloss is soft, the wear is smooth and comfortable, the skin fits intimately, and the drape texture brings the flowing landscape. The gloss of silk power spinning is slightly darker than that of plain satin. If you don't like the style of Zhangyang, you can choose electric spinning instead. At the same time, electric spinning has better shading.

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Silk organza

Also known as Cogan Yarn, it is a wedding dress fabric with a transparent and translucent gauze that is used to cover the satin or silk. Silk organza is as thin as a flap, fine and transparent, with a smooth silk surface and a skeleton.Silk organza is a kind of silk series fabrics. It has a certain hardness and is easy to shape. It is widely used in the production of wedding dresses, dresses and dresses in Europe and America. The organza is embellished with floral and embroidered craftsmanship, making the delicate female silhouette looming, sexy and expressive.

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