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“Shanghai Hermes House” Charity Scarf Project Donation Ceremony And Christmas Lighting Event

Dec 20, 2019

(November 21, Shanghai) In the pure joy of nature, when thinking is soaring, imagine imagining the boundaries of dreams in a free attitude. In the winter of 2019, Hermes exquisitely presented this year ’s customized charity scarf “Zebra in the Forest” created by designer Alice Shirley and joined hands with the China Social Welfare Foundation to help autistic children pass on the fun Artistic enjoyment. "Shanghai Hermes House" also presents creative interactive installations, bringing fantasy dreams into reality and conveying a warm winter atmosphere full of joy.

Since its establishment in 2016, the Hermes China Charity Scarf Project has added special and beautiful special edition scarves to the ranks of charity and public welfare, and continuously enhanced Hermes China's expectations of "corporate social responsibility". This year's charity scarves, "Zebras in the Forest," depict the Cape Mountain Zebra, a rare protected animal living in southeastern South Africa, dreaming about exploring the natural bush forests and wild heathers. The designer painted nearly forty different plants on this kerchief, forming a magnificent landscape around the small zebra.

All the net income of this special version of the square scarf will be donated to the China Social Welfare Foundation's Autistic Children's Art Therapy Special Fund and will be used for autistic painting tour exhibitions in 2020 and 2021. The tour will select 100 paintings of children with autism, and conduct a week-long exhibition in 12 well-known art schools in China, let college students and the public approach the children of the stars, and understand the innocence and dreams of children through paintings. Hermès and Mr. Qi Xuesen, Chairman of the China Social Welfare Foundation, jointly introduced the project to help the art therapy of children with autism.

Inexhaustible inspiration is the reward that dreamers desire. That night, Hermes incorporated elements of dreams and fantasy into the Christmas installation, and the light bubbles jumped lightly to present dream gifts to those who traveled by dream. This time, the "Shanghai Hermes House" created the "Christmas Dream Storage Tree". When the guest gently blows the plane, the gas flow transfers the dream energy, transforms into a pouring bubble, and changes from top to bottom into Hermes' iconic orange. At every hour, Chu Mengshu will also present a ten-second flash of romance, to trace the beginning of dreams in warm Christmas, and to offer the best wishes for the future.

When humans never stop chasing light, when the lights are on, their dreams are near. This winter, while Hermes presents a rich Christmas atmosphere with a novel and interactive design, it is a wonderful interpretation of the year of Hermes ’“ Come by Dream ”.