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Scarves Are Also A Kind Of Men's Matching Clothes.

Mar 27, 2019

Do you know that scarves used to be very manly accessories?

Some people say that it can be traced back to the neck of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, and the broader statement is from the 17th century Croatian soldiers.

The scarves they wore eventually evolved into ties, which is now the official symbol of many men who never exist.

slik scarf

Of course, it is now easier for you to see women's scarves and scarves made of silk, which have been added with a strong female image. There is no doubt about this.

All in all, a men who are currently wearing scarves are bound to endure a little different look of laymen, but for the following reasons, I believe it is still worthy of your accessories, especially at this time. It is cooler than wool and warmer than cotton and linen: this means that silk scarves should replace wool scarves in spring, regardless of seasonality or temperature, or it is common sense to leave winter accessories in winter. At the same time, it is more able to cope with the cold air mass of the sneak attack than the cotton and linen scarf that targets the sunshade.

You may want to ask why you don't use cotton and linen in the sunny spring? And this is related to the other advantages of silk scarves. The quick turn of work: Because the shiny silk can provide more fashion than cotton and wool, and you can join the business suit without any disobedience, let you seamlessly connect to the wonderful life after work. In addition, it is also suitable for business and leisure without a suit and khaki.

Matching method:

Hiding in clothes

The silk scarf here contains a silk scarf, which means that there are dozens of ways to put the silk on the neck, but the two simplest methods for silk are recommended: First, hanging directly like a towel And then hide under the jacket. Second, just hit a knot (such as flat knot), and then hide it in the shirt. It's not a scarves. It's just that you don't care about its female image. This is an insurance method that even laymen can accept. In addition, your budget may make you choose to pretend to be a silk fiber, which is difficult to distinguish even inside.

Learn to pick a scarf

Most of the silk scarves are not used for men now, so if you really want to get some sovereignty from the women's cabinet, but don't want to be shocked, remember to avoid all the too bright colors, birds and beasts. There is a flower pattern, and finally I use the momentum checkout that I want to buy and give away.

Of course, the easiest way is to stay in the men's cabinet, and the men's silk scarves should have dark or gray, variant insect patterns, and classical Baroque style. You can also find the day cravat on the layer that specializes in selling suits and ties. It looks like a Big Mac ties. In fact, it is an elegant small scarf wrapped in a shirt. It should be able to replace your wardrobe. The next little space.

According to your neck

Unless it's a big wind, when your head is bigger or your neck is shorter, your silk scarf should be pulled lower. It's better to only find one head, or even at the beginning. tie. In contrast, giraffes should be plastered.

Match shirt as much as possible

On the one hand, the sense of formality can balance the feminine of the scarf; from another point of view, the delicate sense of silk often needs to be more advanced than the T-shirt and the POLO shirt. But the so-called shirts are not limited to those in the office, and the cotton shirt with a holiday feel is very suitable.

Simply repeat the general definition of business casual: suits with no color set (mostly suits with shoulder pads), usually no tie, khaki or primary color jeans, and any accessories that office workers may have, and also Forgetting may be the style that most needs silk scarves. The style of the style itself is composed of a large number of high-profile women's elements, such as double-breasted suits, red items, and white trousers.

slik scarf