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Scarf, Woman's Tie, Man's Embellishment

Apr 03, 2019

Some people say that the meaning of a scarf for a woman is as important as the meaning of a tie for a man. Nowadays, no matter what kind of fabric scarf, you can wear a personality effect. A scarf can be used as a belt, a headscarf, a skirt, a decorative painting, or even a swimming cap. As long as there is enough imagination and creativity, the meaning of the scarf is far greater than other accessories. For example, this season, whether it is grass green and lemon yellow, or red and sea blue, the colorful scarf can add vitality to the faint clothing in autumn and winter; as for the linen scarf, it gives a comfortable and natural feeling, adding a slender or After the small round ball tassels, it is more perfect to express the feminine style of modern women; while the hook line scarf is rich in layering, the delicate and elegant weaver is enough for its own originality. In addition, the plaid pattern is still the classic theme of the scarf. The tartan scarf combined with bright colors such as red, blue and purple can always bring a little exotic taste to the body.

Of course, as a woman, a scarf is never too much. Miscellaneous geometric patterns, simple squares, ethnic patterns and leopard prints, each with a different style. For example, the rough bohemian style scarf is not only close to the trend of fashion but also shows its inner wild charm; the vertical striped knit scarf reflects a young vitality and fashion; the national-colored scarves express the art of different nationalities. Style, or exquisite or innocent, while thoroughly revealing the taste.

In the past, compared to women, scarves are more of a function for men. As long as there is a warmth, you will never notice the beautiful decoration of the scarf. Nowadays, scarves have become an important accessory for men. They are not inferior to watches, pens, cufflinks, etc., and it has become another shining work in the hands of designers. For men, whether it's a library boy-like striped long scarf, a mixed knit long scarf, or a wild-style scarf, they sway in front of a man's chest, both tempting and subtle, conveying casually. Natural temperament. At this time, the scarf has basically blurred its function of keeping warm, but it emphasizes its decorativeity. Like the summer pendant, it can match different costumes and become the focus of eye-catching. It is also the best embodiment of clothing style. .

In fact, a man's scarf can wear the classic and dazzling sense of a woman. For example, a simple silk scarf is lined in a shirt, which has a gentleman's sense and does not look old-fashioned. It is a good choice for adjusting the body. It is especially suitable for men with elegant temperament; and the slender scarf is good after hanging over the knee. Wrap a few turns on the neck, always with a little lazy and decadent temperament. At the same time, the linen scarf makes the man look comfortable and natural without bloated. Occasionally, the addition of some small elements also shows the man's atmosphere and adds more charm.