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Princess Brunei Masina Chase From Nanjing To Hangzhou For A Silk Scarf?

Dec 20, 2019

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Princess Brunei officially launched her visit to China. China and Brunei have always been close and friendly neighbors, and the two countries are also important partners in building the "Belt and Road". Masna, a good friend of the Chinese people, has visited China dozens of times and was deeply impressed by Chinese silk.



On September 5, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met Masna in Beijing. Wang Yi appreciated Masina's long-term positive contribution to Chinese friendship. Wang Yi said that the two countries have always understood, respected and supported each other, and it is a model of peaceful coexistence between big and small countries.

Masna congratulates the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and believes that China will definitely achieve the goal of "two hundred years". She said that the relations between the two countries have been long-term friendly and the two sides have conducted sound cooperation in many fields. The Chinese side is willing to take the opportunity of next year's "Brunei-China Tourism Year" as an opportunity to expand personnel exchanges between the two countries and promote the strategic partnership between the two countries.

From September 7th to 8th, Masna began a two-day visit to Nanjing, during which she visited the Nanjing Little Red Flower Art School, the Qinhuai River Scenic Belt, Jingjue Temple, Singapore · Nanjing Ecological Technology Island and so on. Masina took the lead in experiencing the softness and fashion of Hangzhou silk at the Wanshili Silk Experience Store in Qinhuai River Confucius Temple. She said that she must go to Hangzhou to experience more silk cultural and creative products.

On September 10th, Masna and his party rushed to Manshili International Silk Exchange to fully experience the new experience of fashion life created by Manshili silk. Li Jianhua, Chairman of Wansili Silk Culture Co., Ltd. welcomed Masna and his party and introduced Wansili's innovation and development in recent years. Li Jianhua said that Wansili Silk has deeply integrated digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data through industry practice, and independently developed core technologies to realize the external export of Chinese silk products and cultural brands and take this as an opportunity to continuously accelerate the process of international cooperation. Under the background of the “Belt and Road” era, a new digital silk economy has been developed.微信图片_20190911181649.jpg


Masina expressed her great appreciation for Wansili Silk's innovative exploration and industrial practice and praised Wansili Silk's fashionable scarves and cultural and creative products for attracting attention and making her fascinated.


It is reported that the “Mrs. Ceremony” presented to Masina by MasterCard is composed of a double-sided printed large square scarf and a butterfly and porcelain lady porcelain. The "flower border around butterflies" twill silk scarf is inspired by the allusions of butterfly love in ancient poems. The designer associates the clear lake in the West Lake with the flowers and butterflies on the shore and depicts it on the silk scarf. Adopt double-sided printing technology to make color and emotion better expression. "Lady Porcelain" draws the blue water of Xizi Lake into porcelain, outlines the peony, and draws the paintings into the mountains and rivers, symbolizing the blossoming of the rich Yunshui Zen heart. "Mrs. Porcelain" uses West Lake blue as a hue and combines the elegance of the West Lake into Chinese porcelain in a "flexible and flexible way", showing that southern women have a tenderness like water.


At the same time, "Mrs. Porcelain" also uses peony, Ruyi, and landscape as paintings, which symbolizes the beautiful meaning of flowers blooming in rich water and clouds. As a symbol of oriental aesthetics, exquisite and elegant lady porcelain, combined with femininity, exudes the charm of oriental women.

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