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Notifications Of The Dragon Boat Festival

Jun 15, 2018

Dragon Boat Festival.jpg

The Dragon Boat Festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.Duanwu is also called duanwu,duanyang.In addition,the Dragon Boat Festival has many other names,such as: noon day,double five,May Day,bath orchid day,women's day, day in the sky,earth wax,poet day,dragon day and so on.Although the name is different,but generally speaking,the customs of people everywhere are more the same than different.

The Dragon Boat Festival,is Chinese two thousand years of tradition,because the region vast,many nationalities,with many stories,so not only produced many different section name,and also have different customs.Its content mainly has: the daughter back,hanging doors,like to meet a ghost ship,noon,afternoon Ye Fu, hanging calamus and wormwood,swim all ills,he feels ashamed,to sweet bursa, dragon boat racing,duration,the shots,swing,for children with realgar,drinking realgar wine,sweet wine,bread eaten ruling,salted egg,zongzi and seasonal fruit, etc.

The vacation for the Dragon Boat Festival is from 16th to 18th June´╝îthree days holiday,so if we don't reply you timely,please understand it,but we will reply you asap.

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