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News From EPL Stadium

Dec 28, 2018

Manchester city 2-1 lose to Leicester city. Manchester Player Albrighton celebrates his victory over Manchester city in the premier league on Saturday. Manchester city lost 2-1 to leicester city in the 19th round of the 2018-2019 English premier league.


Manchester city player Bernardo Silva (fifth from left) scores a goal in the match on December 26.


Tottenham beat bournemouth 5-0 at home in the 19th round of the premier league.In the south Korean star cloth Min shine once again, he all take a goal in the second half to complete a brace, become important contributor to the team to win.It is worth mentioning that in nearly nine round, cloth Min scored 7 goals, 3 assists, alone 10 goals, so that the performance of the calendar year in the Asian foreign aid is unprecedented in the premier league.

South Korea's hot state has been reflected in the previous rounds of the league.At tottenham in the Derby against Chelsea with a showdown between, cloth Min s long-distance strikes one out of four consecutive defensive players, from the circle arc near crazy to put the ball into the box score.His technical moves in the game are not typical of Asian players at all, and his amazing speed and explosive power even make many of the English premier league's iron guards a little incompetent.