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Mini Scarf Ribbon For Hair

Jan 07, 2019

Hollywood hair trends come and go, but many of them are a little ambitious for those of us without stylist pros on retainer. However, the one that’s been seen on tons of stars in 2018 – from Jenny Slate in a J.Crew blazer to Sienna Miller in couture and pearls – is the velvet hair bow.


The best thing about the velvet hair bow, besides how easy it is to do at home, is how it can convey a million different looks with absolutely no effort. On a loosely-done do like Emily Ratajkowski’s braid, Sophia Bush’s ponytail or Margot Robbie’s high bun, it’s super-sexy. Tied around a more polished pony or bun (like Slate’s or Kate Middleton‘s), it’s prim and pretty. High ponytails, like Miller’s, Emma Stone’s and Mandy Moore’s, have a girlie cheerleader-esque charm that flatters pretty much everyone, while by playing with size and position (as seen on Sara Sampaio and Riley Keough) you tap into a more vintage feel.


The cheapest way to achieve the look is to buy a spool of ribbon in your preferred width and color from a store like Michael’s (this 3/8-in. spool is $3.99) or Target (this one is 1.5-in. for $6). You can tie it directly into your bun or ponytail or hot-glue it to a craft-store barrette. But if you want even less of a lift, here are some pre-tied bows to get the look in a twist.