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It's Popular To Wear Winter Scarves Like This,so Beautiful

Dec 27, 2018

beauty scarf

Winter has arrived, the temperature is getting cold, it is time to move your scarf out, face so many beautiful scarves, do not know how to match clothes, may wish to study with Jerry today how to surround it!

beauty scarves

Turn around and show off a small section.

best scarf

Plain black and white scarf, circle around the neck, the last part left, tie a knot.

Gray scarf, plain color, all around the neck.

best scarves

If you are a little more elegant, you will cross each other, shoulders and shoulders.

best high quality scarf

Or it can be like this,the side of the scarf was completely twisted around the circle,and finally the length of the top was lowered.

best high quality scarves

This is the same method. Leave only one side on the chest and hang down naturally.

best good quality scarf

The leopard-print scarf is very eye-catching, with simple plain clothes.

best good quality scarves

Very casual way, only a circle, then left the length of one left and one right down. Must not be the same length!

best nice quality scarf

Rotating around the neck, then stuffed into the coat, it is very small.

best nice quality scarves

Changed the pattern around a circle, very warm. It is best not to lengthen the length of the stay.