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Infinite Art Of Scarves

May 13, 2019

Coco Chanel said that women who don't use perfume have no future, and Elizabeth Taylor believes that women who don't wear scarves have no future. Audrey Hepburn once sighed: "When I put on a silk scarf, I never felt that I was a woman, a beautiful woman." So when she stood on the high level of the Roman Cathedral When a small silk handkerchief was tied to the neck, Wan Dao Sun was dancing for her, and the whole world became spring.

The famous American female designer Donna Karen likened the scarves to "universal accessories." The silk scarf can be a silk scarf, a head scarf, a tie, a belt, a bra, or a complete dress, a long skirt, a handbag, a waist bag, and a unique decorative painting hanging on the wall. A woman who makes good use of silk scarves is undoubtedly a beautiful scenery. New Year wishes? Book an elegant and unique artistic temperament from a silk scarf.

Luxury - you can't resist

1. Cartier presents its classic jewellery design on a silk scarf, which seems to have an irresistible shock.

2. The pattern of Hermes silk scarf is always the most exquisite, all black and dark with a small pattern of elegant and delicate.

3. The performance of the classic product Chanel silk scarf is still its classic style.

Intellectuality - the power of mathematics

Mathematics is so beautiful that you can feel the charm of this greatest discipline from silk scarves. Many silk scarves with geometric patterns are simple and generous, which can best reflect the intellectual beauty of women.

1. Clean is always the most beautiful, and the elegant style of YvesSaintLaurent is so brilliant.

2.ulgari is suitable for mature women.

3. illBlass scarves are undoubtedly the embodiment of BillBlass' creativity.

Art - doubt is painting

These scarves are easy to misunderstand because they look too much like art paintings hanging on the wall.

1. Moschino's scarves are like a warm advertising poster.

2.VeraWang triggers the scarves inspired by the original era, letting you use your imagination.

3. Christian Lacroix's African black beauty pattern scarves, complex and gorgeous.

Sweet - just like nature

The gorgeous flowers are like the sunshine of nature, which can illuminate the world. A touch of color on your body can make you more sweet and pleasing.

1.EmilloPucci's silk scarf is a bit of abstract art style, the color is generous and active, giving a feeling of flying.

2. MarcJacobs' red lips cherry scarf, very pretty, very sweet.

3. Burberry green and green "Hundred Flowers", bright and eye-catching.