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In The Summer Of Humming, I Want To Meet You

Apr 23, 2019

In the summer when I was in a hurry, in the shade of the university campus, the goddess I saw, light and graceful, smiled and smirked, and the silk scarf gently attached to the neck reflected the green and charming face. 


Every secret love is green and concealed. Because of inferiority, I am afraid of being debunked, and the people who love it are not seen. I thought about 10,000 ways to approach her, sitting behind her in the studio, she painted flowers, and I copied her. In the library, she happened to read the book. I saw her and walked side by side on the campus path. The breeze gently blew her scarves and hair.

She loves to wear silk scarves. In the whole year, she is like a fairy. A small silk scarf can have dozens of wearing methods, which makes me obsessed.

 I took the courage, bought a silk scarf, and placed it in her desk drawer with the love letter, signed "the person who loves you." Unexpectedly discovered by classmates, the classroom is full of laughter and asks who is "the person who loves you." I can't admit it.

The secret crush is finally in the foreseeable future, and there is no result. A few years later, I went to other places, and for the sake of my career, I remembered the goddess who was wearing a silk scarf. I have a good career and I remember this sad and beautiful crush, but I still tightened my clothes and walked with a smile.

Walk into the CD store and reach for a long-awaited CD. When the corner of my eye was stunned, I saw a light and familiar silk scarf slid across the opposite shelf. I missed a shot in my heart, and my eyes quickly followed. When I saw her, I was still like a young boy. This time I finally stopped talking. I smiled and said hello to her: "Are you okay? This silk scarf was sent to you by a boy!"

The goddess was pleasantly surprised and smiled and said, "I am fine, yes."

        "That boy is me," I boldly confessed.

        "I know...", the goddess is shy and bows.

  We stopped talking, and I boldly stroked her silk scarf and gently held her into her arms.

After years of secret love, the goddess of love silk scarves became my wife. One day, my daughter inadvertently pulled out a scarf in the cupboard and tied it. She jumped and asked me if I could see it. I took the silk scarf in my hand and touched her daughter's head with great happiness: ‘‘Good-looking, this silk scarf is the silk scarf I have ever seen the best! ‘’