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How To Wear A Scarf Girlish But Not Motronly

Jan 07, 2019


I've always been envious of anybody who was able to pull off the neckerchief. I never figured out how to work it into my personal style — it seemed too rockabilly, matronly, or cutesy no matter how hard I tried. There was also the dilemma of my neck being more donkey- than swan-like. It was never a feature I particularly wanted to accentuate. 

But, that all changed recently! I was in front of a mirror, struggling with a headband look, and had temporarily let the tied scarf rest around my neck as I fixed some bobby pins when I realized that it looked pretty darn cute with my plain white t-shirt. The next few days, I tried the scarf choker look with a button-down, an off-the-shoulder dress ... any neckline that needed just a little more flare. I was appalled by the fact that I had shunned this look for so long! What had changed ... besides my age? Oh man, does this work now because I'm old? 

To the contrary. The neckerchief made me look younger and more playful! They made me seem more put-together (as most accessories do). They framed my face and were even flattering on my thick-ish neck. What had changed were the scarves! The last time I had tried the look, scarves were stuck in the land of drab colors and stale florals. These days, scarves come in every print, pattern, and palette possible and it's absolutely fabulous. Try these on for size. 

jubilant silk scarf 3

This jubilant skinny scarf knoted caually with two ends of scarf flowing front of the breast is a classic that you will want to keep forever and wear always. 


You look like a charming stewardess or a professional office lady, when you are wearing this bandana.