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How Should Winter Men's Clothing Be Matched To Highlight The Taste?

Dec 26, 2018

1,Grey scarf

Black woolen coats with grey scarves look too solemn, black leather jackets, jackets, and unobtrusive grey scarves are just right.

nice good scarf

Dark blue coat & grey scarf

Dark blue all coats, can be equipped with a gray scarf, simple ~~

nice good scarves

2. Camel (with color & plaid) scarf (low-key increase highlights) 

Camel (flower) scarf & dark gray coat A little low-key embellishment in the dark, not sensational, but can reflect the taste.

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Classic camel plaid scarf & brown coat Defeat the old cadre wind, let the male gods finisher - brown coat, instantly add color, choose camel plaid, take the road of the gods (∩ _ ∩).

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3. variegated scarf (inadvertently wash and blow, the jacket must be low-key dark) variegated scarf & black, blue coat, variegated scarf is not good, it is very clean and cut, must choose dark coat. A little bit of play in the depths ~ warm men's moments max!

nice high quality scarf

4. Camouflage Scarf (Recommended) Camouflage Scarf & Workwear Jacket Want to be both man and eye-catching? The unique camouflage scarf can definitely add points for you. Remember to choose thick materials such as wool and cashmere to avoid the feeling of the mother and the gun.

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5. Mulberry silk color scarf (when the tone is adjusted, the defeat is the mother gun) This is a kind of scarf that is generally not tempered, but it can add a lot of color. People love and hate~~~~~~~~ The choice of this scarf must be man, man, man; older men can play it better. The principle is still: don't choose bright colors, bright yellow and green will give up~~

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