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How To Clean A Woolen Scarf

Jun 28, 2019

Firtly, wet the wool scarf in warm water about half an hour .Because, it has been a long time and even a winter.

Secondly,melt the shampoo in warm water .Because, the shampoo is neutral. Hair and wool are both animal proteins.

Thirdly, place the soaked wool scarf in the melted shampoo and rub gently.

Fourthly,if you think it is enough to rub,then you gently squeeze dry shampoo water into clean water rinse.

Fifthly,wash the wool scarf in clean water for several times. Each time you change the water, gently squeeze out the water instead of wring it.

Sixthly,wash the wool scarf and hang it on the crossbar of the clothes rack and let it drip dry naturally.

Finally,expose wool scarf in the sun can be collected.