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France Win The World Cup: 4-2 Goals Are Crazy, Bizarre And Lucky

Jul 16, 2018

Opening game 5-0, closing game 4-2! Russia's World Cup has been "wild" in both games. The final produced six surprising goals, second only to the 1958 World Cup final, which scored seven. France joined forces with Croatia to score and won 4-2. The young French have finally stopped dreaming of 1998 and, after 20 years, they have actually won the World Cup for the second time. A penalty, an own goal, a video referee, a fan rushing into the field, a low error and six goals, it was a truly crazy and wonderful final.


France leads by oolong and VAR

The French and Croatian presidents mark long and klinda kitanovic were all present at the final. Before the game, the host gave a wonderful short closing ceremony, the stage including ronaldinho and movie star Smith, last year's winner, captain philipp lahm and supermodel walter dia escort trophy parade. This is the 900th match in World Cup history.

Deschamps followed his semi-final starting line-up, with mattuydi, who was injured in the clash with azar, back in action, and jiru, who had not scored a single goal in 465 minutes and 13 kicks in the World Cup. Dalich's starting line-up was unchanged from the semi-finals, and perry, who missed training on Friday, returned in time to recover from injury.

Both teams were very cautious in the opening game, but both teams scored before they could score a goal. 18th minute, Glenn boltzmann ball cause broken with a foul, the former first free-kick in front of the gate 27 meters into the box, mann Zhu Jiji six-yard box front headed clearance is put the ball into his own goal. Nine of the previous 10 finals were won by teams with advanced goals, with the exception of France, which lost to Italy on penalties in 2006. Croatia's peric is the team's winner and loser, and his one-goal drive in the semifinals helped the team beat England. It fit, he again into the spotlight for 28 minutes, perry sich fake-out volley ball equaliser in the penalty area, but he made mistake after 10 minutes, with the misty idi head like handle the ball for external use only. After a series of protests by France, Argentine referee pietana pintana turned to video assistant referee VAR to make up the penalty. It was the sixth penalty in World Cup finals history, and perry became only the second player to score a penalty in the final after materazzi in 2006. The penalty shoot-out of the daredevil subashi face griezmann helpless, "grid" shot-hit the door. France scored only one goal in the first half, but two. The Gaul rooster was lucky enough. In other statistics, France is much weaker than Croatia: 0-6 chances, 90-209 passes, 69-82 passes, 40% possession, 60%

France's door god is now the lowest level of error

If France were defeated in the first half, in the second half they fully demonstrated the power of the counter-attack. With Croatia playing three extra games in a row, the older side are struggling physically. After two fruitless attempts at rebich and fulsalik, Croatia's defence was suddenly leaky. France's two black midfielders, bogba and Mabel, both have excellent physical fitness and a good sense of goalscoring. Pogba backcourt oblique long pass, 59 minutes and admire right cross cut into the box, the ball off after cristian stellini odd, Glenn boltzmann back doing, pogba low in front of the door being rove block, after the break. Six minutes later, in the same midcourt position, hernandez broke the low pass on the left and mabaeus fired a powerful low shot in front of the door. Brazil's best rookie of the World Cup, Brazil's best young man bogba, and this year's World Cup best rookie, mbagbo, both finished the relay and inheritance with goals.

The astonishing scene came four minutes later when umtiti returned the ball to the goalkeeper, who was pushed in by manjukich in the dribble after loris failed to open his foot. Manjuki_ became the first player in World Cup final history to score goals and make an own goal, and the third player in World Cup history to have both goals and goals in a single game. Loris has been very consistent in this tournament, leading France's back line to the maginot line. The world was stunned to see him make such a bizarre mistake, as if he had been attached to the champions league final by Liverpool goalkeeper Julio carrius. It was the lowest goalkeeper error in World Cup final history.

With three goals in 10 minutes, the score suddenly reached 4-2, which really made the fans feast.

The final awards received a rare rainstorm

As France took a 4-1 lead, the French fans at the scene began cheering ahead of time, while the large number of Croatian fans consoled each other and entertained themselves. The fans did not forget to grab the mirror in the match. In the second half, four fans rushed into the stadium from behind the French goal. One of the fans went so far as to hug Croatia's defender. Security officers who came after them dragged them straight off the lawn. Immediately after the incident, security at the edge of the stadium was strengthened and the number of people maintaining order doubled.

After the award ceremony, there was a sudden rainstorm. The presidents of Croatia, France and Russia stood together in the award zone. The heavy rain caught everyone off guard, but everyone was affected by the atmosphere of the stadium, even if they were all wet. The Croatian President, kitanovic, was also in tears as she insisted on being caught in the rain hugging and awarding prizes to every Croatian player. On the other side of the field, the young French players hugged and celebrated in the heavy rain, and gretzman and other stars danced happily in the rain. When they picked up the World Cup, the scene was golden. Reporters at the scene also became soaked, after the camera reporters in the newsroom after the embarrassing wiping of the camera, there are people sneezing and spitting out bitter water. The good news is that everything is over and the journalists can go home.