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Evansville High School Student Wins U.S. Soccer Scarf Design Contest

Jan 02, 2019


Later this year, U.S. Soccer fans from across the nation will be able to buy a new scarf to show support for the national team. And this year's design comes from an Evansville teenager and high school soccer player.

They're used not to just keep people warm, but to show people who they support.

"Not only to wear them, but it's a thing you hold up at games, you can show your spirit all the time, to represent," says Sunnie Berning, a Harrison High student and soccer player, who designed one for everyone to be united under.

"I really wanted to get something that, like, said what all of US Soccer is about," she said. "I wanted to get everyone united with it. I wanted to incorporate the American flag to make it as patriotic as possible."

She won U.S. Soccer's fan scarf contest by beating out four other finalists in their online contest last month. Her design can be bought by U.S. Soccer supporters just as the women's national team prepares to defend their World Cup title in France this summer.

"I was jumping everywhere," she recalled. "I couldn't believe it. I was like in a dream."

"I actually didn't hear about it until she got top five. And I asked her why didn't she tell me she entered it and she said she never thought she'd even get recognized," says Tina Logsdon, Sunnie's mother.

"I never even thought I could get recognized and then getting top 5, I was like, oh this is cool. this is actually amazing. I would be happy if I was just top 5," Sunnie adds.

The scarves won't be available until later this month at the earliest, but the family says people can't wait to support her design and the national team.

"People are already lining up already," Logsdon says.