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Deja Blue: Hillary Clinton Gives Speech In Sydney Wearing The Same Coat And Over-sized Scarf She Wore In NYC Last Week (abut Why Is She Tying Neckwear Behind Her Head?)

Sep 11, 2018

Hillary Clinton wore the same coat and over-sized scarf she had on last Thursday to deliver a speech in Sydney on Friday

She has been exclusively wearing large scarves and 3/4 length coats ever since she suffered a hairline fracture in her wrist during a trip to India in March

This has led many to speculate that she is wearing a back brace under the coats, a claim that was bolstered by photos obtained by DailyMail.com last week 

Those photos show Clinton with a protrusion emerging from the top of her back as she enters and exits her daughter Chelsea's apartment 

The jacket she wears in those photos is the same one she appeared in on Friday, with the same scarf to top off the look, while covering a protrusion 

Clinton opted to tie her scarf behind her neck for her speech on Friday, leaving a large lump of fabric at the top of her back