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Creative Ways To Style A Timeless Closet Essential: The Printed Scarf

Jan 11, 2019


Ditch the leather belt and add some color to your waist with a scarf. Grab a large silk scarf, twist it through your belt loops, and tie it in a knot or bow near the front for a chic, playful look.



The options for hair styling with scarves are endless. They can be used as head wraps, hair ties, headbands and even braided into hair.



Scarves wrapped around the neck have always been an iconic look, and there are many different ways to tie them. Treat one like a statement necklace and let it speak for itself. Tie it in a bow, let it dangle loosely by your shoulders, or mimic a choker necklace by neatly folding the scarf into a flat band and tying it behind the neck.

ladies' square neck scarf


Get some extra style points by tying a printed scarf onto one of your purse straps. Make a simple knot, or get creative and wrap the whole scarf around the strap or chain of your handbag.

multifunction skinny scarf


Heading to a festival or beach trip and need a last-minute top? Create one using one or multiple scarves. Try knotting two large, square shaped scarves together at the shoulders and sides of your waist to cover your chest and back.

multifunction skinny scarf 1warm spring flowing scarf 1