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Choose The Pair Of Scarves To Keep Your Neck Warm In The Winter!

Jun 15, 2019

The north wind screamed, and the door went out like a "ghost door" and walked around. The down jacket was thick and sweater, still could not stop the invasion of the cold wind! In fact, we have drilled holes in our necks. Do not believe that it is definitely warmer to change a turtleneck sweater of the same thickness.

There are a lot of scarves in the mall, so don’t pick them up. I think that the selection of these three scarves is enough to make a warm winter look!

First, a solid color scarf

Solid color scarves have a rich color selectivity, giving them more possibilities. The most basic choice is gray, black, blue and other dark colors, basically no mistakes. It is a unique attribute that is resistant to dirt, dirt and out of date.

Here we must focus on the gray, which is the most temperament in the dark system. Whether it's hanging neck or casually, it looks full of advanced.


Second, check scarf

Except for the versatile solid color, the most classic is the plaid style~ Compared with the simple color, the simple pattern makes the scarf add color to the body in addition to the unique warmth.

The plaid comes with a retro British accent, and the rich contrast is visually more eye-catching. Leisure and casual style commuting can be easily interpreted and full of style.


Third, wool scarf

Does the wool scarf have a reminder of childhood? I remembered the sweater, scarf, and gloves that my mother was sitting on the bedside. Nowadays, when I grow up, I see this kind of thick knit, which always comes with warmth. Winter clothes with various materials can be mixed and mixed at will, and will not violate.


The coarse wool threads are woven together and naturally fluffy, which is thicker than other styles of the upper collar. Stacked on the shoulders, not only can modify some girls' shoulders and other defects, but also the face of the set, concave palm face.