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British, French, And American Styles Of Silk Scarves

Apr 17, 2019

Tracing back to the origin of the scarf, it is generally believed that the first appearance was in the ancient Egyptian period, and the heads of Nefertari, the wife of Ramesses II, were woven scarves; in the Roman era Workers wear linen scarves to absorb sweat. In the history of many countries, different colors of scarves are used to mark the ranks in the army.

Until the 19th and 20th centuries, scarves became fashionable pieces. During Queen Victoria's rule in England (1837–1901), scarves became a symbol of luxury.


The scarves have been closely related to elegance and fashion since ancient times. Like the costumes, the mainstream of scarves is also divided into English, French, American and other regional cultures, which reveal the different dress cultures and tastes of different countries.

British style

British silk scarf collocation originated from the influence of the unique "gentleman" culture in the UK, so this method is usually introverted. It is common to cover the silk scarf half-cover or "hidden" inside the neck. Steady, in order to express the solemn taste of the aristocracy. Therefore, if you want to play with English-style silk scarves, you need to understand the essence of Emotional Intelligence.


French system

The French silk scarf is focused on the atmosphere and the appropriate "publicity". It may be quite different from the English style. The French silk scarf is elegant and beautiful in color, the pattern is simple and exquisite, and the width is more atmospheric. It is also the inheritance and derivative influence of the French native culture. The French style is often found in entangled bindings, or a chic side shawl, or a big bow!


The most classic and easy thing is to hang the large wide scarf directly around the neck and let it dance with the wind, so how to wear a silk scarf is equivalent to watching a woman's character and mood. I like the French publicity and casualness, and I want to know how to "make" a big scarf that is irritating.


American style

American silk scarves are best understood. Do MM remember the "red scarf" that they brought with them when they were young? Formally speaking, the matching method of American silk scarves can be completely understood as a red scarf. The simplicity is the essence of matching. American culture is direct, simple, and efficient!


However, you should pay attention to the "making" American silk scarf with the fan. Don't choose the silk scarf too large, or the size is too small, you can get the medium size, and the width is too large.The girls who like American styles must be able to grasp the scale of choice to be unique.