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Belief Or Fashion? Both

Dec 29, 2018

Dressed in head covering hijab and two touching abayas, these fashion models are ready to walk down one of the world’s most high-profile runways at New York Fashion Week.


They are showing a collection by no-nation designer Vivi Zubedi. So this is about me and this is about what I believe and this is about my hijab and I really confident with modest wear nowadays because a lot of people are using hijab and also modest wear. I think we will be one of the kind of fashion that people will love.

This is Zubedi’s second showing at New York Fashion Week and she’s not alone.

In recent years top fashion companies like Tommy Hilfiger and Zara have added special collections to cater to the needs of Muslim women. It’s just really unreal and unbelievable to have hijab on the runway in New York Fashion Week, like we’ve never had that before and to have that representation for us and to showcase modesty on the runway is just amazing.

For Zubedi her collection is not just about Islamic representation but also a message about the similarities between people. Wearing modest wear, that’s it, I mean like we have no difference, we are all the same just like human being so Muslim or not Muslim, you are still human, that's it.

So, we not only offer cover-up hijab, we also supply a better fashion to your belief.