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Autumn And Winter Scarf

Dec 27, 2018

As October is about to come to an end, everyone in many cities is facing a sultry autumn wind and they all want to buy a scarf. However, in the end, how can you pick a scarf that is very suitable for you in terms of color, pattern, material, style, match, etc?

Scarf: pattern or solid color?

The first question facing the choice of a scarf is to buy a pattern or a solid color scarf?

I mentioned in the previous collocation answer that the pattern fit requires a higher degree of fit (for example, the houndstooth) and other aspects should be kept as low-key as possible to avoid dazzling. Therefore, the more commonly used collocation method is: pattern + solid color, or solid color + solid color. This determines the solid color is better. By substituting the scarf into the above formula, a solid color scarf can be better than a pattern scarf. Therefore, I don't recommend a girl with a tight budget or a lesser chance to try a scarf.

To sum up, my first practical suggestion is: If you want to use this scarf as much as possible (highly matched), or you are not sure about your taste of the pattern, or your budget is tight (solid color) Generally, the texture looks better.) I suggest you choose a solid color instead of a pattern scarf.

Solid color or pattern? The second question to consider is the degree of collocation with your winter coat. Since most people's winter coats are just a few pieces, it is very common to consider the color of the scarf in combination with the pattern and color of the coat that you wear. According to the matching principle mentioned above, if your coat is pattern, then you are more suitable to buy a solid color scarf. On the contrary, if your coats are solid colors?

Let's start with two other words. From the perspective of color matching, if two or more colors are more conspicuous, then the overall appearance will be more visually tiring and not comfortable enough, but the relative color impact is greater. However, such color matching is often not enough everyday and not versatile.

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▲Although yellow and green are the same color, and blue and green are adjacent colors, this makes the three colors match the sense of violation, and these three colors are echoed in the skirt pattern of the lower body, however, due to three The colors are very bright, and this combination is not enough everyday.

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▲The color of the coat and scarf is very eye-catching. Although it is very visually impactful, it seems to be very tired and not enough everyday.

So what is our daily collocation idea?

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▲Because the coat is solid and very dull, in order to brighten, a brighter scarf is used. But if you use the size of this scarf, if it is pure color ginger, the overall color will be too much, it will look tired. In response to this situation, the scarf of the pattern is used here, which is very well matched, both ginger and ginger are the same color of orange. The same color makes the color of the scarf not abrupt, but the pattern area is smaller, so it is more than pure orange. Reduce the visual impact), and echo the black pattern of clothes. In terms of color, this scarf can also be worn with a blue coat.

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▲According to the above, a similar situation is that the whole body is very well matched (black and white gray), and then all are solid colors, which will make it impossible to visually find the "focus", which is easy to be seen. In this case, adding a pattern helps to visually "find the focus" and make the overall look better. However, even a solid red scarf here should look good.

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▲ The other opposite situation is that the color of the coat is very bright and full, so use a low-key scarf. At this time, if you use a black scarf, on the one hand, the two color blocks are too "real", and you will feel too tired visually. On the other hand, look at her bags and trousers boots are black, if the scarf is black, it is too single. In the last aspect, it is not particularly recommended for black scarves, because it is easy to look bad, here the pattern reduces the black area, and the black scarf is more lining.

So, sum up, under what circumstances is it suitable to buy a pattern of scarves? If your clothes are very bright and full, and the usual matching colors are solid and look too tired and too monotonous, you can choose the pattern of the scarf according to the color. Another situation is that your coat color is too dim, and then you can't find the visual "focus". In this case, you can add a pattern. In other cases, it must be said that a solid color scarf is more versatile.

Right, let's say, in the pattern, the plaid scarf (not the houndstooth) is definitely a test of temperament and scarf material, the pick is not good or the bad is not good or the temperament is not handsome,it is easy to look very diao si, this The politics is not quite correct, and it is said to be my personal little aesthetic suggestion.