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Asian Teams Were Eliminated From The Quarter-finals But The Gap Narrowed

Jul 05, 2018


         South Korea beat Germany 2-0. The picture shows the first record of Korea.

2018 one 8 of Russia's World Cup finals already all home-country crowd, as Japan's exit, Asian army completely annihilated, but what is undeniable is that Asian football and Europe, South America, the gap between the traditional football powers are narrowed.

First of all have to mention South Korea, though failed to qualify in the group stage, it is better to Japan, but all tai chi tiger war defeat of Germany, will each other down, both knocked out, the World Cup the biggest dark horse. The poor performance of the defending champion is one of the main reasons, though.

Indomitable spirit is also visible, but the south koreans displayed its run not ruin, carry forward the fine tradition of further by physical make up the body, technique and tactics and so on various aspects of disadvantage, and connected to two goals in the final stage, showed strong psychological quality, impressive.


         South Korea beat defending champion Germany 2-0. In Germany goalkeeper                    Noel door but redundant, feet didn't work, instead, he became the last                    joke, it is his ball is broken, lead to the South Korea cloth Min                        single-pole out play an empty net.


         The south Korean team fought their way through a frantic German attack                    for 90 minutes until the last minute and won a game for the south Korean                    fans.A belated victory may not matter or change anything,but they did.

Japanese is the pride of Asia now, not only with Poland, Colombia and Senegal team stand out, in Belgium, even in the face of the odds-on favorites to win the was once a two-goal lead, into disrepute, it too is eventually defeat opponents into the final shot. But the MVP was not azar, DE brauer, or any of those stars, but the little-known veteran of Japan, gunki.


         Japan lost Belgium 2 to 3. Japan scored its sixth goal of the tournament                    and set a new World Cup record for Japan.


         All the Japanese players thanked their compatriots in the stands for their                  unyielding support over the years.It was a touching scene for the Japanese                  team.

To talk about football on behalf of one of Iran in the Middle East, Iran in group B first power cut in Morocco, then 1 ball narrowly lost the 2010 World Cup champion Spain, eventually to 1-1 draw at the last European champions Portugal, were eliminated by one point, can only use sorry to describe. Over time, the country with the highest ranking in Asia (Australia is not Asia in geographical terms) could still make a big difference.


         Iran drew 1-1 with Portugal,the last European cup winner.Three Iranian                    players stand behind Portugal's cristiano ronaldo as he turns for the ball.

Of course the three teams not Asia team, but still can clearly see that the gap between, particularly in terms of physical confrontation and the technical level, but pay more attention to today's football tactics for the overall coordination, personal power is more and more no longer occupied the main factors, which is more emphasis on the collective culture of Asian teams, can have a space combat not common.