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3 Tips For Oblong Scarf Fastening

Jan 15, 2019

Hi there, there are so many styles for scarf tying. The most common autumn and winter scarves are generally divided into long, square and thick scarves. 


Many women care about how to tie a scarf to keep it nice and warm without getting messy in the wind. To meet the above requirements, you just need to be able to tie a long scarf. The most common way to wrap a long scarf is to wrap it in a circle or fold it in half and then put one end into the other ring.


a. Fold the scarf in half and hang it around your neck;

b. Place the end of the scarf into the ring on the other side;

c. Twist the single ring into an 8. Put the rest into the bottom half of the 8;

d. Finally, adjust the scarf to your favorite length.



a. Just as the picture of top left, firstly wrap the scarf around your neck

b. Twist the large ring in the middle into a figure 8

c. Pass one end through the bottom half of the figure of eight from the front to the back, and the other end through the back to the front

d. Adjust the scarf to the desired length.


a. Fold the scarf in half lenthwise.

b. Drape it around your neck.

c. Slide one end under and through the loop.

d. Slide the other end over and through the loop.

e. Tighten and fluff, adjusting as needed.