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Your silk scarf, a touch of spring between the neck...

Feb 22, 2019

The warm scarf is an indispensable accessory for the winter, so the spring is the home of the scarf, not only to help you withstand the coolness of the season, but also to help you show your graceful posture. With its embellishment, you can double your fashion and become a streetscape.

On February 20th, we launched a variety of spring main silk scarves, including fresh national wild silk scarves, ink geometric pattern scarves, vintage color totem scarves, color printed silk scarves, ink painting scarves, floral pattern scarves, etc. Style. These silk scarves are mostly square and rectangular in shape, and the main fabric is silk. “In the spring clothing match, the silk scarf is a favorite item of many fashionable ladies. The beautiful costumes are matched with the trendy silk scarves, which not only keep warm, but also play a finishing touch.

If you are a singer, you can wear a silk scarf that is similar in color to the clothes. If it is a bold, you can choose a bright silk scarf to help you light up the shape. In-store oil painting geometric pattern silk scarf, very design, color also has impact, coupled with long-sleeved T-shirt super European and American. Vintage color totem silk scarf, can be used with clothing, but also can be used as a shawl. Colorful printed silk scarf with bohemian style and versatile clothing.

The silk scarf and the short coat are chosen to be the same color, which can not only show elegance, but also be exquisite and exquisite. For example, a simple and elegant white shirt is easy to be uniform. As long as you wear a printed silk scarf, you can break the monotony and make the shape become more refined. For denim shirts, you can choose blue silk scarves to create the same color. Silk scarves and shirts echo each other in color, which can increase the sense of harmony. Silk scarves and sweaters also have a good effect, giving a gentle and elegant solitude. If you choose a more beautiful sweater, you can wear a plain silk scarf to enhance the texture. The dress and the silk scarf can also help you to be elegant and charming, and the street is full of romance.